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Please note that I am currently engaged in a full-time position and am no longer available for consulting engagements.

The principal consultant at Vibranium Solutions has over 30 years of experience in IT, Systems Architecture, Security, and Risk Management. So he’s well equipped for assisting clients with their risk and compliance needs.

Our Team: Gord Cook
Gordon Cook, CISSP
Founder and Principal Director
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Gord Cook, CISSP

Security Consultant & Architect

If you’ve ever gone into ‘panic mode’ after an IT security breach, then you’ve probably adopted more rigorous practices to make sure it never happens again!

Avoiding these attacks starts with a thorough assessment of risks, followed by a solid action plan that will protect your most valuable asset: confidential data. And that’s where I jump in! As a trusted and influential information security consultant, I help companies architect ‘bullet proof’ security solutions.

By thinking like a hacker, I anticipate moves and tactics that could be used to gain unauthorized access; then, acting as a cyber guardian, I design infrastructure, policies, and practices to safeguard against potential security threats. For example, some of my notable ‘rescues’ include:

Reviewed proposals for a client’s Internal Employee Portal and realized a 60% cost savings on the project by switching to free and low-cost, off-the-shelf plugins. As a result, a project that was nearly shelved was greenlit.

Centralized monitoring for networks, servers, and applications which significantly reduced the number of outages. Also, analyzed the environment for single points of failure and designed redundancy to boost availability.

Deployed an agent-based, centrally-managed server monitoring solution, as a result, enabling a transition from reactive to proactive threat detection. Consequently, I achieved advanced notification and reduced ‘crisis mode’ problem escalation.

By reviewing short-term and long-term goals, I align risk reduction strategies with business objectives. As a result, I put structures in place that enables the organization to thrive. Being proactive and tightening security controls is the best way to avoid unexpected and harmful breaches. In addition, cultivating a culture of security ensures that everyone is doing their part to maintain protection! Let me help you achieve this.