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Vibranium Solutions

Your Data Security Expert

You have an organisation that is important to you. It doesn't matter whether you own it, or they pay you, or you're a volunteer. The success of the organisation is a key factor in your own personal success. But you know that the organisation has risks. And worrying about those risks can keep you up at night. This is where Vibranium Solutions can help. Mitigating those risks and having a plan for dealing with incidents is far more productive than simply worrying about them.

Who We Are

Vibranium Solutions is an Information Systems Security Consulting Service. We are located in Waterloo, Ontario.  Vibranium Solutions provides expert advice and technical services to organizations looking to reduce their risk profile.

We have experience with various organizations in many industries. For example, we have worked with large financial institutions, small manufacturing businesses, and everything in between. As a result, Vibranium Solutions is able to assist your organization with your security, risk, and compliance needs.

Our focus is on protecting your data.

Our strategy is to look at the data that you collect and that you generate. We identify the owners of the data. Then we work with the owners to categorize and classify it. Then we examine where it comes from, where it goes to. We look at how it is used, and by whom. And then we assess how well it's being protected.

An assessment includes the identified risks, the priority, and the recommend short-term actions and long-term strategies for mitigating (or avoiding) each of the risks. We work with the management to align changes with the organisation's budget and risk appetite.

For a detailed look at the services we provide, please see our Services page.